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SPC Santiago, Freddy


My names SPC Santiago, I’m currently deployed in Iraq. Union III, I was wondering if you guys send comics to soldiers that are overseas? I’m a huge Flash and Wolverine fan… please message me back when you have the time. Thank you so much!


We send lots of comics to soldiers overseas!! I am glad you heard about us because I am trying to spread the word. If you give me your address I will send you a box right away. I usually include snacks or other items with the comic books. Is there anything else you need? Someone donated some Wolverine comics the other day and I will try to get some Flash. Any other favorites?

Thanks for all you do,
Francesca McCarthy

Yes! I’m so happy you guys do. I saw the website on a card someone sent. I’m so glad I heard of you guys. It means alot to me and my friends who don’t have the chance to catch up on certain arcs we started reading…but yea if you can Venom and Green Arrow if possible. I’m thankful for whatever you can send.

Thank you so much,you guys rock!