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Comics for Soldiers

There is nothing more relaxing than kicking back and reading your favorite comic book. Whether it’s The Incredible Hulk, Rick Grimes, or Batman, these characters help us escape our daily lives and briefly forget our troubles.

Comics for Soldiers sends comic books to soldsk1iers in order to help them find this feeling of joy and escapism while they protect our country and fight for our freedom.

Why comic books? First, comic books are fun! With long, dangerous, and extremely stressful missions taking up most of their time, comic books can help the men and women of the military relax and forget about the harsh situation in which they find themselves. Second, comic books can be shared and passed around. Unlike a snack that can only satisfy one soldier, a comic book can be passed from soldier to soldier and impact hundreds. Finally, lots of comics can be shipped in one box. Over fifty comic books can fit inside one care package.

Please think about the men and women waging the war for our freedom and consider donating to this cause. With just one small donation you can make a difference in the life of a soldier.

Clink the link below and check out the story a local news station did on Comics for Soldiers.